Benefits of Sun Do


There are many benefits of Sun Do practice. As one achieves internal alchemy, balance of yin and yang energy and unity of body and mind, the possibilities of wellness are endless. One can learn to manage stress better which is important for reducing the negative consequences of stress hormones. Flow and fluidity of energy, blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, and electrical conduction all increase healthy functioning of the body and reduce the likelihood of illness. Wellness can be sustainable for the course of life through strengthening the immune system. Mentally, peace is possible. It is possible to let go of struggle and live with acceptance, to stay present. Sun Do is currently being integrated into an addiction treatment program and research is continuing in this area. Sun Do is an integrative practice. It connects our bodies, minds and spirits.

Breath by breath, posture by posture, practice by practice, we heal

Our bodies develop many asymmetrical movement patterns as a result of strain patterns throughout our bodies. These strain patterns develop gradually and cumulatively over time as a result off accident, injury, illness, posture, faulty biomechanics, emotional disturbance and hand or leg dominance. Thus, the threshold for illness, injury and dysfunction is lowered. 

Sun Do exposes these asymmetries within the body. With regular practice, Sun Do helps move the body back toward sustainable health, toward better alignment, and toward more symmetry. We move from a place of dis-ease to a place of dynamic ease. Thus, all things are possible.