Meet Our People

DJ Horn

Currently a yellow belt, Dj was introduced to Sun Do about 25 years ago, when she practiced regularly for about a year.  Life then took a turn towards building her own physical therapy business, delaying her return to the practice until two and a half years ago. As a result of her Sun Do practice, she is stronger, more flexible, calmer, less reactive, more patient, healthier, less stressed, and has increased awareness of body, emotion and mental states.

The practice and the journey is personal. Each person will get what they need from the practice. For Dj, it has been life changing, especially noting the difference when she started practicing a few times per week. She feels so much more resilient, able to manage stress, and finds it easier to stay connected to “here and now” in a way that allows her to create her life and not just react.  

Dj is also a mixed-arts therapist. blending physical therapy, craniosacral therapy and psychotherapy in her work with clients. Sun Do is a perfect complement to her profession as she is all about integration. 

Carol Gale

Carol Gale began practicing Sun Do about 30 years ago when she read a notice stating, “One practice is worth a thousand readings.”  Finding this to bear truth, she found herself practicing for a few years, taking a break for a few years and always returning. Sun Do especially helped her manage her back pain, by both keeping her flexible and strengthening her core. She is currently at the fifth level in red belt, and has been practicing regularly for the past 6 years.

During the COVID pandemic, Carol upped her practice from once a week to several times a week, as Sun Do improves the immune system and is a great preventive measure against disease. She also found it helped reduce the anxiety so prevalent these days due to COVID. Especially since her previous coping mechanisms of singing in a choir and dancing were no longer available options! She invites you to give it a try and see for yourself if “One practice is worth a thousand readings.”

Frank O'Gorman

For a long time, Frank O’Gorman has been interested in spirituality, holistic health, and healing. Two years ago he began his Sun Do practice and is currently a white belt.

As someone who thinks and plans a lot, the very first benefit Frank O’Gorman received from Sun Do practice is slowing down, returning to his body and calming his mind. Instead of living from the neck up, his Sun Do practice allows him to concentrate his energy in his tancheon, inhabit his body and feel more grounded.

Sun Do postures help Frank open up his lower back, which tends to be tight from sitting, through a series of twists, and forward and back stretches combined with abdominal or tancheon breathing in all four directions. He sees each practice as a gift of health, an investment in long-term physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Practicing with a consistent community is a joy, as it provides Frank motivation, support and the challenge to be his best.

Frank views each Sun Do practice as the equivalent of receiving an acupuncture treatment, except in this practice he is both giver and receiver. The 40 minute meditation flies by for him, thanks to the 25 flowing postures, deep abdominal breathing, and the accompanying soothing background chant. Meditation, opening blocked energy channels, energy cultivation, all in the context of a friendly, caring community. That’s a wonderful combination of benefits to Sun Do practice.

Frank also started the meetup group LGBTQ+Allies Yoga & Meditation West Hartford ( ) for like-minded people. They meet weekly on zoom for meditation, conversation, and community building.

Diane Matta

Diane Matta, currently a grey belt, has consistently practiced Sun Do for 30 years. She benefits from Sun Do through the relaxation and calmness she derives from each practice. Sun Do also helps her to slow down, learn about her body, and explore a spirituality distinct from religious experiences. Sun Do has made Diane a better, more thoughtful person and an active listener who is respectful of other points of view. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Women’s Studies and served as an elected official for 6 years in a medium sized town. She also traveled to South Korea twice.

Breath by breath,
posture by posture,
practice by practice,
we heal