Spring Retreat Day 2

The gong rings at 4:30 am. I can feel the fatigue in my body. Its been 2 days of sleeping on the floor, sitting the floor and eating while sitting on the floor. Everyone seems to moving slower this morning. Slowly, we make our way to the mediation hall to do a double practice. The fire blazes in the wood stove warming the room. Gradually, our Qi will blend with the energy from the fire….we are wakening and awakening. 

Today we learned Hwa Joong Bup which is a martial art form done in Korea., I like the flow and power of the movement. Later in the day, I practiced this form in the field near a wood carving of the four Masters. Adding voice to the moments really increased the power and, yet, in a beautiful and serene way. 

We also had a mini-lecture on the Sun Do principles know as Hun. They are Jung Shim, Jung, Shi, Jung Gak, Jung Do, Jung Heng. They mean right mind, right seeing, right awakening, right path, and right behavior. Rich, our teacher for this class told a little story that helps to understand the order. We first have to open our mind so that we can see. Once we see, we can awaken. Once we are awake, we know the path. Once on the path, we know the right behaviors to support the journey. 

In the afternoon class we fine-tuned our Qi energy flow with the internal organ exercises. It is always good to have another explanation…understand from another perspective. With new direction and imagery, I have better flow and connection in this series of movements. Thus, so much more to bring back to our Studio at Sun Do Wellness. 

We closed the day with community and song. We talked about how people get what they need from Sun Do. It was good for me to hear the different perspectives. For me, Sun Do is grounded in the spiritual and supported by the physical. I love how strong and flexible I am. I also love how much of my approach to life is influenced by Sun Do. How I practice in the studio, is how I live outside in the way I work, play, love: present and whole. 

We closed the day sharing stories and music… Warmth, peace and joy for the soul.