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Learn mindfulness tools as well as the ancient Korean art of Sun Do with added group process to deepen into the practice and self. Learn to expand into the experience of present moment, develop flexibility of mind, body, and spirit, and use mindfulness and meditation to manage stress. This is a great workshop for those with mild anxiety, depression or

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Seasonal Mini-Retreats

Join us for a weekend mini-retreat of special classes, workshops, and opportunities to commune with other Sun Do practitioners. Workshops include topics such as double practice, Sun Do and mental health, internal organ exercises, Sun Do breathing, big bows, and Taoist philosophy. Join our mailing list to be notified of the dates, times, and specific offerings.

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Carol Outside practicing Sun Do

Sun Do in the Park

Every Spring and Fall we schedule 2-4 Sunday practices at Elizabeth Park. Experience the harmony with nature while practicing outdoors! Join our mailing list to be notified of the dates, times, and specific locations.

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Spring Retreat Day 2

The gong rings at 4:30 am. I can feel the fatigue in my body. Its been 2 days of sleeping on the floor, sitting the floor and eating while sitting on the floor. Everyone seems to moving slower this morning. Slowly, we make our way to the mediation hall to do a double practice. The fire blazes in the wood

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